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Learn how to free yourself from subconscious trauma

Did you know that any time you are  feeling emotionally upset or tense rather than peaceful and relaxed this is due to activated trauma? 
Trauma is at the root of much of our dis-ease and has a direct impact on our daily lives. Even before we are born Trauma regularly occurs on a biological level, and these events have a significant influence all through life.

Healing these very common traumas brings us back into balance, heals diseases  and has the potential to lift us permanently to higher levels of well being called Peak States.
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I learned about this work shortly after my husband and I decided to divorce after several years of problems including a year living apart.  I was really upset by the breakup and when I heard about the process I suggested to my husband that we try it.  A year later we are still together and our relation- ship is much more balanced.  The best thing for me is I'm no longer anxious about the thought of him leaving me and he has become much more attentive and loving.

G.M., UK, EFT-Therapist

Institute for the Study of Peak States Certified Therapist
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